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    Creative & AdmiringInspire Light is a digital design & development agency

    We have the integrity, energy, ability and commitment to identify with you the ways to develop the potential of your goods or products, brand or event

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    Last PerfectionInspire Light is a digital design & development agency

    We handle all the keys and details, including the creative side, to ensure the most effective, efficient and stimulating performances and results 

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    Ready for LaunchInspire Light is a digital design & development agency

    We issue the work of job which will optimalize to release your goods or products, show your brand and provide its results in unique and compelling way

About us


We Practice What We Preach

Consulting Company

Using our working background, we give a market orientation to custumer who receive also advices in the recruitement process and assistance in to brand its goods, products or furnitures

Marketing Strategy

Using our practical experience, we make it easy to brand your products or services. Branding is the use of a name, term, symbol or design to give a product a unique identity in the marketplace. 

Communication Agency

Using our inventive know-how, we handle a broad range of graphists to design your print & digital campaigns. It involves management of your media campaign (right supports, places & time). 

B2B & B2C Services

Using a combination of proven B2B & B2C, we offer a service that delivers goods and furnitures in focussing right to the end of users of the products. The strategy involves advertising of the item. 


Product Marketing

We enter right your goods on the good market

Performance & Market Assessments

  • We define the scope of the product line
  • We identify potential markets for a product
  • We determinate optimal pricing for the market
  • We find the best distribution methods for delivering the product to customers or to sales locations
  • We encourage potential customers to purchase the product
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Goals, Targets & Priorities

  • Definition of Brand Positionning Essentials
  • Ressource Allocation, Alignment & Development
  • Key Performance indicators
  • Segmentation & Targeting ressource Allocation, Alignment & Development
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Resource & Project planning

  • Online, Ofline & Onsite Marketing & Communication Tactics
  • Funnel & Channel Management
  • Outbound & Inbound Marketing
  • Budget & People Planning
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Project development & management

  • Project management from A to Z
  • Individual and team coaching
  • Dashboards
  • Improvement plans & reccomendations
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We combine our own extensive experience & expertise with what that of our vast network of specific experts in all area of marketing and communications

Products Consulting

The overall process of conveying a good or service to customers. It includes defining the scope of the product line, indentifying potential markets for a product, determining optimal pricing for the market, encouraging potential customers to purchase the product and finding the best distribution methods for delivering the product to customers.

Web Development

Whether you are looking to have a new website built for your business, need to update your existing site or want an hourly web development service at your fingertips, we do all. Our web developments services contain DOM, XML, XHTML and many other web languages to keep our customers up-to-date and assist them according to the W3C standard.

Graphic Marketing

From development to launch, we offer a complete design service that includes graphic & web design. We always try to provide the most comptemporary and outstanding custom designs overall represents our client's businesses in their marketing campaign over the internet and print.


We deliver from A to Z

  • Stationary Design

    Letterhead, letters, business card, envelope, packaging

  • Logos

    Square, vertical, landshape, line & wide vector graphics 

  • Identity Creative

    Mark, design & corporate logotype & visual identity 

  • Graphic Chart

    Typographic choices & colors universe available on all media 

  • Advertising

    Marketing to consumers & across border, b2B & creative world

  • Digital book & Web Design

    Interactional architecture, page's organization, the tree and navigation

  • Communication

    Digital, outdoor and indoor promoting & advertising tools

  • Packaging

    Bag, box, Acrylic display box, cardboard floor display, counter table display 



Logo & Stationnary with graphic design

SME BELGIAN! In Slovakia

Logo & Stationary Graphic Design


Logo, Graphic Design & Branding

V-TAC Slovensko

Branding Innovative Led Lighting


Branding Educational Sports Products


Logo & Identity Graphic Design

Pasta Garofalo

Stationary & Design Identity in Belgium

La Fontana

Logo & Identity Graphic Design


Identity Graphic Design & branding


Identity Graphic Design & Translation

City Sounds Festival

Festival CITY SOUNDS vznikol v roku 2012 na základe dopytu vzdelaného publika po kvalitných hudobných zážitkoch, ktoré náš festival ponúka. Za krátky čas sme dokázali predstaviť unikátnych umelcov z celého sveta.

Caritas Event

Vision · Brand Consulting Design & Copywritting Services · Caritas Slovensko


We are working for your own good

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